The Very First Blog Post Ever

So… hello there. Guten Tag! Buongiorno! Bonjour! Konnichiwa! Welcome to my blog, ‘Living Candlelight.’

I’m Jennifer, but you can call me Jen.

I’m quite young, but I do sometimes feel like I’ve live a lifetime. I’ve been through a lot – good and bad things. I’m battling an eating disorder and depression. But I’m also having fun enjoying time with friends and family at school and church. My aim in life is to spread happiness to everyone…

But enough of this sentimental warbling. Who am I? Why did I start a blog? I am a poet and an actress. I am a budding scientist, mathematician and linguist. I am a singer and a writer. Or, in other words, I like to write poetry, speak foreign languages (like German, French, Italian and Japanese), act, write and do well in school. I might just be a typical teenager, or maybe my life is actually exciting and dangerous and interesting. I guess we’ll find out, huh?

This blog is my outlet, a place to express myself. It’s also a place to organise my thoughts, and hold myself accouintntable for ‘life goals’. You mightn’t agree with everything I say. And you might also find me a great source of entertainment. Perhaps you’ll find me a great source of inspiration for political debate. But above all, I hope you find me an inspiration.

This is a blog for everyone. Need something to keep you occupied? Come and join me. Battling an eating disorder and need help? I’ll always be here for you. Just feel like following the story of someone else’s remarkably┬ámore interesting, brilliant life? Leave now while you have the chance! (Just kidding).

And finally, are you looking for a little light in your patch of darkness? I hope I can help. I am a living candle, spreading light to others (you might have heard a quote like that somewhere before, cheesy I know). it’s your job to be the mirror that reflects the light.

Please, join me for this rollercoaster ride! (Otherwise I’ll literally be blogging into empty cyberspace). I hope we can have some fun on the way!

Love, Jen.